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Mallorca Zeitung - July 2017
An interview with Barbara Pohle from the Mallorca Zeitung - July 2017
Mallorca Zeitung - September 2016
A great interview with Barbara Pohle from the Mallorca Zeitung - September 2016
200m Retaining Walls
The patterns on the sand directly below the site were taken taken as inspiration here. 200m in length, to make the construction simpler and link to the very geometric modernist building the lines were sharpened.
Botánica Insólita - Puerto Portals 27 - 29 May
We are busy getting ready for Botánica Insólita in Puerto Portals next weekend. Pop down to say hello and join us for a glass of cava!
How to protect your Phoenix canariensis from the Picudo Rojo
In the past few years, the beetle has spread across the entire Island so treatment is now essential. Here is the treatment plan that I use. It isn’t complicated, but it is essential that it is carried out regularly.
How to create your own flowering globes
One idea for this beach side hotel was to include huge flowering beach balls floating above a sea of plants. By creating 9 simple steel frames and young plants you can see the results after just 12 months.
Botánica Insólita 2016 - Plant List
For the display at this year's Botánica Insólita, we have chosen a simple, insect-friendly and fragrant selection of plants. All are suitable for a dry Mediterranean climate with low water requirements.
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